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  • Temporal Sampling Requirements for Reference Region Modeling of DCE-MRI Data in Human Breast Cancer JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING Planey, C. R., Welch, E. B., Xu, L., Chakravarthy, A. B., Gatenby, J. C., Freehardt, D., Mayer, I., Meszeoly, I., Kelley, M., Means-Powell, J., Gore, J. C., Yankeelov, T. E. 2009; 30 (1): 121-134


    To assess the temporal sampling requirements needed for quantitative analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) data with a reference region (RR) model in human breast cancer.Simulations were used to study errors in pharmacokinetic parameters (K(trans) and v(e)) estimated by the RR model using six DCE-MRI acquisitions over a range of pharmacokinetic parameter values, arterial input functions, and temporal samplings. DCE-MRI data were acquired on 12 breast cancer patients and parameters were estimated using the native resolution data (16.4 seconds) and compared to downsampled 32.8-second and 65.6-second data.Simulations show that, in the majority of parameter combinations, the RR model results in an error less than 20% in the extracted parameters with temporal sampling as poor as 35.6 seconds. The experimental results show a high correlation between K(trans) and v(e) estimates from data acquired at 16.4-second temporal resolution compared to the downsampled 32.8-second data: the slope of the regression line was 1.025 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.021, 1.029), Pearson's correlation r = 0.943 (95% CI: 0.940, 0.945) for K(trans), and 1.023 (95% CI: 1.021. 1.025), r = 0.979 (95% CI: 0.978, 0.980) for v(e). For the 64-second temporal resolution data the results were: 0.890 (95% CI: 0.894, 0.905), r = 0.8645, (95% CI: 0.858, 0.871) for K(trans), and 1.041 (95% CI: 1.039, 1.043), r = 0.970 (95% CI: 0.968, 0.971) for v(e).RR analysis allows for a significant reduction in temporal sampling requirements and this lends itself to analyze DCE-MRI data acquired in practical situations.

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