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  • Kate Kaplan, Ph.D.

    Kate Kaplan, Ph.D.

    Postdoctoral Research fellow, Behavioral Medicine

    Bio Dr. Kate Kaplan received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology from Stanford University, where she worked with Dr. William C. Dement in the Sleep Disorders Research Center and Dr. Ian H. Gotlib in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory. She completed her Doctoral degree at the University of California, Berkeley working with Dr. Allison Harvey in the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic. Dr. Kaplan completed her Predoctoral Internship at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and a Postdoctoral Clinical Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University, where she specialized in treatment of anxiety, depression and sleep. Dr. Kaplan is presently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Dr. Jamie Zeitzer.

    Dr. Kaplan’s past and present research interests include (1) hypersomnia and insomnia in psychiatric disorders; (2) sleep deprivation, recovery sleep and influence of chronotype on adolescent and adult functioning; (3) the relationship between sleep and illness course in unipolar and bipolar depression. She has published multiple peer-reviewed articles, chapters, and therapist guides in the domains of sleep and affective disorders.

    In addition to her ongoing research, Dr. Kaplan has a small private practice in downtown Menlo Park. Interested clients are welcome to visit her website Dr. Kaplan's clinical interests involve working with adults who have sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and trauma-related illnesses. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based techniques in her clinical work. Dr. Kaplan has served as a therapist and assessor on multiple NIH-funded clinical trials, and has practiced psychotherapy in university, community outpatient and hospital settings. Dr. Kaplan also consults for various Bay Area educational and mobile health technology startups.

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