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  • Alison Callahan

    Alison Callahan

    Engineering Research Associate, Med/BMIR

    Bio Alison Callahan is a research scientist at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics and a member of the Shah Lab. Her research involves developing and applying informatics methods that enable translational discoveries in biomedicine.

    Her research projects include RegenBase, a collaboration with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and Department of Computer Science at the University of Miami. RegenBase uses semantic technologies to aggregate and analyze experimental data in spinal cord injury research.

    Alison completed her PhD in the Department of Biology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Her doctoral research focused on developing HyQue, a framework for representing and evaluating scientific hypotheses, and applying this framework to discover genes related to aging. She was also a developer for Bio2RDF, an open-source project to build and provide the largest network of Linked Data for the life sciences.

  • John Graybeal

    John Graybeal

    Technical Program Manager: CEDAR & BioPortal, Med/BMIR

    Current Role at Stanford John is the Technical Program Manager for the Center for Enhanced Data Annotation and Retrieval, and the BioPortal Repository, at Stanford University's School of Medicine.

    John's work encompasses whatever is needed: project management, product management, systems architecture, dev ops, and administration, to name a few fun roles.

  • Nancy Lennartsson

    Nancy Lennartsson

    Student Svcs Spclst, Med/BMIR

    Current Role at Stanford Student Services, Biomedical Informatics Training Program

  • Galina Malukhina

    Galina Malukhina

    Division Manager, Med/BMIR

    Current Role at Stanford Reporting to the Manager of Financial Analysis and Infrastructure in the Dean’s Office of Humanities and Sciences, I serve as a member of the senior financial team and am a key participant in the development of a consolidated H&S budget. However, my professional experience extends beyond the annual budget cycles. I am a passionate and visionary project and process lead. I support multi-year forecasting, financial management, and reporting in various areas of H&S business and serve as a financial “gatekeeper “of numerous Dean’s Office funds.

    Core competencies include:

    * Financial Acumen
    * Process & Project Management
    * Financial Management & Planning
    * Collaborative Communications
    * Strategic Decision Support
    * Support of Departments & Central University Offices
    * Financial Systems & Technology Integration

  • MaryJeanne Oliva

    MaryJeanne Oliva

    Student Services Officer, Med/BMIR

    Current Role at Stanford Student Services and Admissions Officer, Biomedical Informatics Training Program, School of Medicine