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  • Tyson H. Holmes

    Tyson H. Holmes

    Senior Research Engineer, Psych/Sleep Medicine

    Current Role at Stanford Senior Research Engineer (Biostatistician)

  • Eileen B. Leary

    Eileen B. Leary

    Data Analyst, Psych/Sleep Medicine

    Current Role at Stanford Project Director - Alliance Sleep Questionnaire (ASQ):
    Oversee and manage creation, conversion to digital format and deployment of the Alliance Sleep Questionnaire (ASQ), an on-line questionnaire using complex branching logic.

    Partner with stakeholders to design questionnaire content including documentation of deliverables and establishment of milestones and timelines.

    Design and conduct pilot study for paper version of the ASQ at Stanford, including data acquisition, analysis, interpretation of results and publication of abstracts.

    Manage digitization and deployment of ASQ, from creating a comprehensive data dictionary, developing validation mechanisms, beta testing, Epic integration, and incorporation of questionnaire into workflow at Stanford Sleep Clinic.

    Support ASQ database, responsible for monitoring data acquisition and integrity, performing and analyzing QA/QC metrics, building queries and performing data analysis.

    Work with supervisor to identify and execute related projects, such as creation of a dynamic Clinical Summary Report, an ASQ Outcomes Module and validation of the ASQ.

    Data Administrator
    Design and manage creation of complex database system for the Stanford Sleep Cohort. Involves providing technical expertise to create a data management system to link clinical and research data using a universal ID to improve data security and operational effectiveness.

    Provide statistical support using SAS for projects within area of responsibility.

    Assist with new grant applications. Involves partnering with Principal Investigator and key lab members to document background, rational and study design using appropriate format and mechanism for the funding agencies.

    Write and edit manuscripts for publication in scientific journals.

    Assemble and coordinate task-force to create and deploy new websites for the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, and Stanford Center for Narcolepsy. Includes formulation and articulation of project goals, milestones, timeline and strategy for content development as well as writing original content for the website.

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