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  • Joseph Martinez

    Joseph Martinez

    Facilities Manager, Surgery

    Current Role at Stanford Facilities Manager, Academic Affairs, Event Planner.
    Department of Surgery
    Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
    Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Ana Mezynski

    Ana Mezynski

    Research Administrator/Postdoctoral Affairs, Surgery

    Current Role at Stanford Working for the Director and Vice-Chair of Clinical Research in The Stanford-Surgery Policy Improvement Research and Education (S-SPIRE) Center at Stanford University School of Medicine.

    •Website development
    •NIH Grant Proposal Preparation Assistance
    •Residency Curriculum Organization
    •iProcurement, SU Expense, Pcard
    •Postdoctoral Affairs/ Visa Process
    •Academic Affairs

  • Amber Trickey

    Amber Trickey

    Biostatistician 3, Surgery

    Bio Amber Trickey, PhD, MS, CPH is Senior Biostatistician of the S-SPIRE Center. She supports multidisciplinary teams in research design, implementation, and analysis. In 12 years of health services research, with 5 years focused in surgery, Dr. Trickey has collaborated with diverse investigators, including attending physicians, residents, nurses, psychologists, and engineers. Dr. Trickey obtained degrees in epidemiology and biostatistics, evaluated data quality in trauma care, and led data validation studies using a surgical registry (NSQIP) and administrative claims. Dr. Trickey has contributed to public and private grants on surgical safety, simulation-based training, team communication, error disclosure, and quality metrics.

  • Yingjie Weng

    Yingjie Weng

    Biostatistician, Surgery

    Current Role at Stanford Biostatistician
    - Implement protocol for quality control
    - Create analytic files with detailed documentation
    - Implement data analysis through statistical programming
    - Present results for investigators by graphs and tables
    - Summarize finding orally and in written forms
    - Participate in preparations of papers for publication
    - Assist with grant preparation