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  • Marilyn Tinsley

    Marilyn Tinsley

    Information Services Librarian, School of Medicine - Lane Medical Library

    Current Role at Stanford As Research Services Librarian at Lane Medical Library, I teach searching classes, assist researchers with literature searches, and edit Lane's Library News. My liaison departments include psychiatry, neurology, nursing, rehabilitation services,ophthalmology, and the bioscience graduate students.

  • Sarina Tom

    Sarina Tom

    CME Conference Coordinator, School of Medicine - Post Grad Med Education (CME)

    Current Role at Stanford CME Conference Coordinator, School of Medicine - Post Grad Med Education (CME)

    The Stanford Medicine Continuing Medical Education Center improves patient care by providing physicians and other health care professionals with evidence-based training on advances in medicine, new medical technology and biomedical research.

  • Mark Trenchard

    Mark Trenchard

    Director, Web Services, SoM - Information Resources & Technology

    Current Role at Stanford Director, Web Services
    School of Medicine

    Mark leads and evangelizes the public digital presence for 800+ websites while providing operational leadership for user experience, design, SEO, analytics, content strategy, search, blog, online video, wiki services and Web author community development.

  • Peg Tsao

    Peg Tsao

    Study Facilitator, SPECTRUM (CTSA/SCCTR)

    Current Role at Stanford As a Study Facilitator, I assist protocol directors and other research personnel in all aspects of clinical trials - design, set-up, conduct, close-out. I direct individuals to a number of services offered through Spectrum as well as guide them through the budgeting, billing, IRB, regulatory and contracting processes. In addition, I work with study teams to identify potential protocol related risks; help to ensure proper billing; maintain open communication with all parties involved including the Research Management Group, Research Compliance and the Office of Sponsored Research and advise on FDA regulations.

  • Keerthi Valluru

    Keerthi Valluru

    Life Science Research Asst, Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology

    Current Role at Stanford Life Science Research Assistant, Translational Molecular Imaging Laboratory, MIPS

  • Stephanie¬†van de Ven, MD, PhD

    Stephanie van de Ven, MD, PhD

    Deputy Director, Canary Center at Stanford, Radiology

    Bio As Deputy Director of the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection I broadly oversee its operations and research programs. The Canary Center is focused on developing in vitro and in vivo tools for early cancer detection and its research spans the areas of biomarker discovery, development of molecular imaging agents, development of new diagnostic and imaging devices, and mathematical modeling. In my position I facilitate the clinical translation of cancer diagnostic tools and I enable innovative interdisciplinary research. My research expertise includes leading phase I-II clinical trials to evaluate a newly developed optical breast imaging system in combination with a novel imaging agent. I gained valuable experience in clinical translation of medical devices and in testing new imaging agents for the first time in patients. My training as a Radiology resident was instrumental in my decision to focus on cancer early detection research, because it clearly confronted me with the problem that most cancer patients are being diagnosed too late. I expanded my knowledge on biomarker research by developing proteomics assays during my postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford, in conjunction with my continued work in optical and photoacoustic molecular imaging. In my current role, I work with the faculty of the Canary Center and the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford, and am committed to advancing cancer research by applying my medical training, clinical knowledge, and research expertise to managing collaborative programs and contribute to the success of the Center and its faculty.