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  • Michael D. Dake

    Michael D. Dake

    Thelma and Henry Doelger Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Improved endovascular procedures and devices to treat aortic lesions, peripheral arterial disease and venous abnormalities. Focused interest in drug-eluting stents and balloons, endovascular stent-grafts, including branched aortic devices and techniques for the endovascular management of aortic dissection. Current clinical research projects include drug-eluting stents for superficial femoral arterial disease and multiple device trials to evaluate stent-grafts for the treatment of aortic lesions.

  • Vincent DeFilippi MD, FACS

    Vincent DeFilippi MD, FACS

    Clinical Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests minimally invasive mitral valve repairs, minimally invasive maze procedures, off-pump cabg, robotic heart surgery