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  • Valentina Taviani

    Valentina Taviani

    Phys Sci Res Assoc, Rad/Radiological Sciences Laboratory

    Bio The aim of my research is to improve the diagnostic performance of MRI by developing novel pulse sequences and reconstruction methods, optimising protocols for specific applications and improving clinical workflow. My research interests include cardiovascular, breast, abdominal, whole-body and musculoskeletal applications.

  • Avnesh S Thakor, MD PhD

    Avnesh S Thakor, MD PhD

    Assistant Professor of Radiology (Pediatric Radiology) at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests ACADEMIC SUMMARY:
    Dr. Thakor is an Assistant Professor in Interventional Radiology and a Clinician Scientist at Stanford University. His research interests are in developing and translating novel molecular guided therapies using minimally invasive image-guided techniques, especially in the field of oncology. Dr Thakor’s laboratory focuses on the development of new nanoparticle platforms, for both imaging and therapy, and the delivery of these platforms into different experimental models. He is also interested in developing and translating new bio-sensing technologies which can offer “Precision Medicine” to both pediatric and adult patients.

  • Amy (Morris) Thomas

    Amy (Morris) Thomas

    Web & Graphic Designer, Radiology

    Bio I'm a passionate designer with 19 years of experience in interface, print, and web design. I love to make things look, work, and act more efficiently. Some might call it compulsion...I like to call it passion. My mind and heart are always open to challenging design problems. I thrive on finding innovative solutions to complex situations.

    I started my professional career as a Visual Designer at IBM for the Storage Systems Group. My work at IBM involved close interaction with our user experience designers. The team I was on developed a software interface to help facilitate storage administrators in monitoring their storage subsystems. We created an interface that allowed the admin to see storage system status at a glance using a drill down table as well as custom built icons. The work our team completed earned several US Patents.

    In March 2008, I began my career at Stanford University School of Medicine. I started as a Temporary Visual Arts Specialist. In November 2010 I was hired on full time as the Web & Graphic Designer for the Department of Radiology. My work at Stanford is very gratifying. I never expected, as an artist, to have my work matter in a way that could help other people. With each new project, I am (in a small way) contributing to the research and development of new and innovative treatments for many of the most damaging diseases. My art helps the great minds of our department explain their thinking, their research, and their findings to others in their field.

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