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  • Anna Hu

    Anna Hu

    Manager, Research Coordinator Services, SPECTRUM (CTSA/SCCTR)

    Current Role at Stanford Manager, Research Coordinator Services
    Spectrum, Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Research and Education

    -Hospital & University Liaison: Builds and maintains relationships by acting as primary Spectrum liaison with SHC and LPCH departments, in addition to departments within the School of Medicine and Stanford University pertaining to clinical research operations

    -Disseminates new information impacting the day to day job duties of clinical research staff and operations at the School of Medicine

    -Chair of the Research Personnel Advisory Committee (since 2005)

    Spectrum's Researcher Resources-Find Coordinator Tools:

  • Jessica Patricia Meyer

    Jessica Patricia Meyer

    Research Education & Events Coordinator, SPECTRUM (CTSA/SCCTR)

    Current Role at Stanford Spectrum Operations, Training and Compliance is part of Spectrum, the CTSA-funded Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Research.

    In her role as education coordinator/ event planner, she coordinates various education and training events, facilitates the Spectrum KL2/TL1 application process, and manages program communications. Other facets include supporting regulatory services and process improvement.

    - Intensive Course in Clinical Research: Study Design and Performance for new investigators interested in clinical and translational research careers at Stanford.
    - Stanford K-Fest
    - Stanford Education Planning Initiative (SEPI) monthly workshops
    - Translational Medicine 3-day Course

  • Kris Newby

    Kris Newby

    Communications Manager, SPECTRUM (CTSA/SCCTR)

    Current Role at Stanford Communications Manager & Science Writer
    Spectrum | Stanford Center for Clinical & Translational Research & Education

    I tell stories about the amazing biomedical research going on at Stanford with words, images and video. I especially enjoy explaining complex concepts in novel and easy-to-understand ways.

    My stories enter the world through many media channels: our newspaper, websites, magazine, blog, and Twitter feeds. I also build new websites and am continually deploying new media tools as better ones come along.

    The best part of my job is that I get to hang out brilliant people and learn new things every day.

  • Peg Tsao

    Peg Tsao

    Study Facilitator, SPECTRUM (CTSA/SCCTR)

    Current Role at Stanford As a Study Facilitator, I assist protocol directors and other research personnel in all aspects of clinical trials - design, set-up, conduct, close-out. I direct individuals to a number of services offered through Spectrum as well as guide them through the budgeting, billing, IRB, regulatory and contracting processes. In addition, I work with study teams to identify potential protocol related risks; help to ensure proper billing; maintain open communication with all parties involved including the Research Management Group, Research Compliance and the Office of Sponsored Research and advise on FDA regulations.