Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ruprecht Karl Universitat Heidelberg (2012)
  • Diplom, Philipps-Universitat Marburg/Lahn (2007)
  • Vordiplom, Philipps-Universitat Marburg/Lahn (2004)

Stanford Advisors


All Publications

  • A multimodal imaging agent for intrinsic surface enhanced Raman scattering of biological tissue PLASMONICS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE XII Pohling, C. B., Campbell, J. L., Larson, T. A., Gambhir, S. S. 2015; 9340

    View details for DOI 10.1117/12.2077890

    View details for Web of Science ID 000353615600006

  • Molecular imaging with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy nanoparticle reporters MRS BULLETIN Jokerst, J. V., Pohling, C., Gambhir, S. S. 2013; 38 (8): 625-630
  • Chemical imaging of lignocellulosic biomass by CARS microscopy Journal of Biophotonics Pohling C., Brackmann C., Duarte A., Buckup T., Motzkus M., Enejder A. 2013; 6 (6-7)
  • Chemoselective imaging of mouse brain tissue via multiplex CARS microscopy Biomedical Optics Express Pohling C., Buckup T., Pagenstecher A., Motzkus M 2011; 2 (8): 2110
  • Hyperspectral data processing for chemo-selective multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy of unknown samples Journal of Biomedical Optics Pohling C., Buckup T., Motzkus M 2011; 16 (2): 021105
  • Multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman microspectroscopy with tailored Stokes spectrum Optics Letters Rehbinder, J., Pohling C., Buckup T., Motzkus M 2010; 35 (22): 3729
  • Atomic ordering in the Laves phases L1 V(Co1?xSix) 2 (x= 0.43 and 0.56) Zeitschrift für Kristallographie Conrad, M., Pohling C., Webert H., Harbrecht B. 2006; 221: 349

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